Launch of the HR Compliance Guy Blog

DSCN1495As a newbie to the blogging world, I am diving in with little preparation, other than the more than forty years of professional HR experience that I have endured. I am now semi-retired (believing that you never really fully retire, or shouldn’t), so I have the time to devote to this endeavor. I also own a PC, and I am somewhat computer literate (plus two grown children that I can pester who are far more technically capable).
As I have spent most of my professional career advising employers on the subject of workplace regulatory compliance, I have chosen to focus on the lessons that I have learned along the way.   Further, I believe that it is the small employers (under 50 employees), both for-profit and non-profits (particularly the latter) that would primarily benefit, as they tend to lack the financial ability to afford inside HR professional support, have higher priorities in their budgets, or simply do not see the need for it (other than the recordkeeping/ administrative portion of HR, e.g. payroll processing).

So, here goes… the surge of Old Faithful in Yellowstone…..

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