What Happened to the Trades?

It seems that the Millenials and Generation Xers are not particularly interested in exploring careers in the trades.  Machinists, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, etc. There is plenty of need for these skilled workers, with employers doing everything they can think of to attract candidates. Even the training institutions seem to be having a hardContinue reading “What Happened to the Trades?”

State and Local Laws Taking Control

It is becoming very difficult to keep up with the legislative changes in workplace laws, given the current trend for the feds to step back and let the states and municipalities set the law specific to their jurisdictions. This is especially problematic for multi-state employers (those with operations in multiple states). But even employers operatingContinue reading “State and Local Laws Taking Control”

New Developments in Independent Contractor Status

In a previous post regarding the “Gig Economy” I concluded that………. The fact is that the role of workers in the workplace is changing and the regulations which govern this relationship are way overdue for reexamination.  A major overhaul seems to be called for rather than patching up what currently exists. We need to ask whether overtimeContinue reading “New Developments in Independent Contractor Status”