Retirement Benefits in the Gig Economy

Glancing through a newsletter that I recently received from an investment advisor, I happened upon the following article: This summarizes the problem for the 50+ workforce pretty well. Through the non-profit EncoreNEO that I am involved with we are presenting the option of freelancing and self-employment as a solution to the difficulty that this groupContinue reading “Retirement Benefits in the Gig Economy”

Connecting with Others is soooooo important

One thing that I am learning during the Covid 19 pandemic is how much I miss interacting with others. We are after all social animals, according to Aristotle.  I thought that I could catch-up on my reading, household projects, yard maintenance, soduko puzzles.  I could play golf, without sharing a golf cart with a golfContinue reading “Connecting with Others is soooooo important”