Are You Kidding?

I have tried to stay out of politics in this blog, but I can no longer do that.

Donald Trump has totally crossed the line of sensibility yet again with the ill advised rallies (for political reasons) in Oklahoma, Arizona and at Mt. Rushmore, ignoring ALL of the public health guidelines to advance his political fortunes. Additionally, the fireworks display at the rally in South Dakota could have caused forest fires, endangering the firefighters that would have to deal with it. There could be double hot spots caused by this event–a public health hot-spot and a fire hazard hot-spot.

When will his supporters open their eyes? This man is not fit for leading this country anywhere. Fortunately there is an alternative, and one which many republican voters can support (other than Trump’s die-hard base), including some very influential republican Super PACs. The voices of reason, led by Joe Biden, will hopefully prevail in November.

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